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09 Aug 2022, 11:59 pm HKT – 31 Aug 2022, 11:59 pm HKT

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A country’s uniqueness can be demonstrated in political, social, cultural, economical and environmental perspectives. When it comes to China, what pops up in your mind? Writers of HKU, we kindly invite you to submit entries before 31-August 2022 in order to be included in our annual report “ Guo Feng”. Rules and conventions may encourage creativity. Hence, l last year’s report, attached below, may help.  

Guiding question: 

When it comes to China, what pops up in your mind? 

Application deadline: 

 31-August 2022 (Wednesday)  

Submission of entries: 

 There are two types of entries wanted 

* Without rewards (for sharing purposes only) 

* With rewards, up to $200 Eslite Spectrum book voucher if selected Please select and specify the type of your own entry. The entries should be submitted through with the type of entries as titles.  

The following details should be included in the email: 

* Full name 

* UID 

* Faculty and Year of Study 

* Phone number 

* Email address 

* Entry title 

* Pen name (if applicable)  


* Chinese written entries must not exceed 1000 words 

* English written entries must not exceed 1500 words 

* Only files in Microsoft Word Document (.docx) is accepted, with the following requirements: 

* Font: Times New Roman or Arial 

* Font size: 12 

* Line spacing: 1.5 

* Scanned documents will not be considered 

* Documents must be in A4 size with 2 cm margins  

Entries contain plagiarised materials or have been previously-published will be disqualified.  

Submission of two or more entries is also welcomed. 

 每個人都係獨一無二,每個國家都不能被簡單定義,講起“中國”大家會想起什麼呢?香港大學國事學會現以“聽到中國一詞,你想起什麼?”為題,從現在起,至2022年八月尾為止,正式徵稿啦!所徵文稿將會收錄於«國風»之中~  此電郵的結尾會附上往年«國風»的內容供大家參考,但並不侷限於以往的內容和形式,請盡情地揮灑墨水,放心地自由發揮吧!  

投稿詳情:  是次徵稿將開放兩條通道,一條為首次開放的分享通道,不設稿費,旨在隨心;另一條為正式投稿通道,凡被採用,將會獲得二百元誠品書卷,小小薄禮,以作感謝。





1. 稿請於抬頭寫上是分享通道還是正式投稿,於內容開頭請附上真實姓名、就讀學系及年級、聯絡方式及UID,另可註明使用筆名或匿名。 

2. 投稿作品必須為原創作品,且過往未曾公開發佈。 

3. 中文限字1000,英文限字1500。 

4. 以word檔投稿,新細明體字體,大小為12號。可多次投稿,但不可重複投同一篇稿。



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